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No one plans to be diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. It certainly didn’t appear on any
“To Do List” or Vision Board that I’ve created. So it was with shock and despair that I
received the news that the mysterious symptoms that had plagued me for several years
were classic signs of Parkinson’s Disease. My health concerns had brought me back to
cold, rainy Oregon from the tropical splendor of Captain Cook, Hawaii. My body was
stiff, ached all over, and fatigued easily. It was exhausting to walk from the house to
the corner and back. I needed assistance getting out of the chair, sometimes from bed,
and bladder and bowl control were fading. My fingers weren’t working properly, making
it difficult to button a shirt or to peel a banana. My face was losing expressive
capabilities and had a flat look. I was haunted by the vision of me slumping in a wheel
chair, unable to communicate and becoming totally dependent on others.

For several months, I wallowed in my misery, certain that life as I had known it was
over. I listened to books on CD, recalled teachings from my Hawaiian teacher, and
remembered sacred verses from various spiritual books and traditions.  
“Pain in life is inevitable, suffering is a choice.”  Buddhist teaching

“Is the glass half empty or is it half full?”

“Yay, though I walk through the Valley of Death,
I fear no ill, For Thou are with me…..” 23rd Psalm

“Come to your life with no limitations on 5 things: absorption,
adaptation, acceptance, affection and assimilation. The most
important one is acceptance. When you get that one,
the rest fall into place.” Hale Makua
I listened to Michael J. Fox who has met his journey with Parkinson’s in such an
inspiring way. In a lightening bolt moment, it occurred to me that perhaps my life was
NOT over and that in fact, maybe my best years were yet to come. How might I serve in
this situation?

First, I began to notice the abundant gifts offered by the conditions of PD. It was
demanding that I attend to the needs of my body including diet, exercise, and energy
maintenance. I decided to “Partner with Parkinson’s” rather than to suffer from it.
With minimal dosages of the PD pharmaceuticals I built my strength and stamina so that
I could focus on holistic protocols. As my condition improved I began to offer
meditations and private sessions. After a few months, I noticed how my sound healing
and voice work were restoring my health and vitality.

Your Voice is a most powerful tool for healing and meditation.  Whether you consider
yourself a singer or not, working with your voice can help you to:

  • Calm tremors
  • Stabilize balance
  • Build self-confidence
  • Align posture
  • Nurture flowing movement
  • Develop vocal melody, resonance and volume
  • Play with authentic expression
  • Connect with inner joy and passion
  • Strengthen breath support
  • Balance adrenal function, lower heart rate and blood pressure
  • Cultivate a profound meditation practice, deepen inner peace and live more fully
    in present moment

If you would like to explore using your voice as a tool for your healing journey, I would
love to assist you. The methods I have developed have helped me and are now helping
others to meet the challenges offered by Parkinson’s.

Vocal Energetics™ sessions are offered in person and via telephone or Skype.

A Spiritual Counseling/Intuitive Reading can help you understand what is going on with
you, providing insight into causation and possible remedies, including practical
suggestions for how you can draw on the best qualities within yourself to meet and
resolve the presenting issues.

Harmonic Healing™ sessions provide a powerful and unique opportunity to shift your
vibrational field at a fundamental level. Offered in person or via telephone and Skype,
these shamanic style sessions catalyze release, harmonic alignment, and activation on a
profound level, catapulting the recipient into a new realm of experience.

The Monthly Sound Meditation is held via tele-conference and Skype. This provides a
wonderful opportunity to join in community with people from many places to sound and
meditate together. You will marvel over the palpable presence felt by all participants
from wherever they are around the globe.

Workshops and Special Events are held periodically in Portland, OR and wherever I am
invited. In 2013 presentations are planned in Santa Fe, NM, Portland, OR, Hawi, HI,
Kona, HI,  Boston, MA. More tba.

Mentoring Program for prospective teachers and beginning and intermediate healing
practitioners who wish to expand their use of sound and the voice. Please email
inquiries with a letter of introduction.

Thank you for visiting my site. If you have questions or comments, or if you would like
my assistance as you navigate through life, please call or email me without hesitation.
It is my delight to share this journey with you. Together we will discover the best of
ourselves as we Partner With Parkinson’s.

Harmonically yours ~

Judith Kahealani Lynne